Changeset [65073e360a7c08c416643f95a588c673812dcc3e] by Guillaume Hain

February 13th, 2018 @ 02:19 AM

Add support for Nobrainer (RethinkDB)
* Add persistence for NoBrainer * Add tests for NoBrainer * Show the ORM version when running the tests * Add a Dockerfile and a docker-compose.yml file allowing to run from anywhere very easily the test suite with `docker-compose run --rm aasm\' * Moves the Mongoid database name definition in the gem loader (avoiding code repetition) * Update the and the files * Add Rails generator for NoBrainer

Committed by Guillaume Hain

  • A Dockerfile
  • A docker-compose.yml
  • A gemfiles/rails_4.2_nobrainer.gemfile
  • A gemfiles/rails_5.0_nobrainer.gemfile
  • A lib/aasm/persistence/no_brainer_persistence.rb
  • A lib/generators/nobrainer/aasm_generator.rb
  • A spec/generators/no_brainer_generator_spec.rb
  • A spec/models/nobrainer/complex_no_brainer_example.rb
  • A spec/models/nobrainer/invalid_persistor_no_brainer.rb
  • A spec/models/nobrainer/no_scope_no_brainer.rb
  • A spec/models/nobrainer/nobrainer_relationships.rb
  • A spec/models/nobrainer/silent_persistor_no_brainer.rb
  • A spec/models/nobrainer/simple_new_dsl_nobrainer.rb
  • A spec/models/nobrainer/simple_no_brainer.rb
  • A spec/models/nobrainer/validator_no_brainer.rb
  • A spec/spec_helpers/nobrainer.rb
  • A spec/unit/persistence/no_brainer_persistence_multiple_spec.rb
  • A spec/unit/persistence/no_brainer_persistence_spec.rb
  • M ".travis.yml"
  • M Appraisals
  • M
  • M
  • M lib/aasm/persistence.rb
  • M lib/motion-aasm.rb
  • M spec/spec_helpers/active_record.rb
  • M spec/spec_helpers/dynamoid.rb
  • M spec/spec_helpers/mongoid.rb
  • M spec/spec_helpers/redis.rb
  • M spec/unit/persistence/mongoid_persistence_multiple_spec.rb
  • M spec/unit/persistence/mongoid_persistence_spec.rb
  • M test/minitest_helper.rb
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Library for adding state machines to Ruby classes. Includes persistence layers for things like ActiveRecord. Formerly known as acts_as_state_machine.